Fresh n Freeze

Fauji Fresh n Freeze Limited is proud to be the first IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) Technology plant in Pakistan to offer a wide variety of frozen produce, all locally sourced and processed from its state of the art plant facility located in Sahiwal.

The company commenced operations in 2014 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Fauji Fertilizer Company (FFC), one of the largest business conglomerates of Pakistan. Our portfolio includes frozen French fries as well as a wide range of frozen fruits and vegetables that are available in both the Retail and Food Service sectors.

We Work With The Best Partners

Our Vision

To be a value-creation business that delights its consumers with freshly processed and environment friendly agricultural products, enabling both company and country to thrive.



By becoming a preferred brand of choice, offering high quality frozen products, selected & processed to deliver benefit of hygiene, convenience, nutrition & year-around availability.



By running a business that provide consistent & profitable returns while implementing good business practices.


Business Partners

By collaborating on business opportunities, leading innovation and unmatched growth potential year on year.



By developing long term partnerships for modernizing agronomies, maximizing quality & yields via education & training and uplifting of farmer community.



By creating meaningful opportunities to work while continuing to foster diversity and inclusion at workplace so everyone can flourish and prosper.


Our Board of Directors

The front line of the company: Fresh n Freeze’s Sales

Working tirelessly to take the company’s products to all parts of the country.

Ever since the company began its commercial operations, the Sales Team at Fresh n Freeze has been working tirelessly to take the company’s products to all parts of the country; they have successfully managed to expand the company’s distribution network and improve product reach across multiple customer channels. The company’s brands are now actively serviced to Retail, Food Service (HoReCa), e-Commerce and Industrial segments.

State of the Art Facility

Appointed more than 30 distributors and sub-distributors.

Geographical Reach

Access to more than 150 large & small towns.


Deployed more than 2,000 freezers in market.


Access to more than 5,000 customers across all channels.

Plant & Infrastructure

First IQF fruits & vegetables processing facility in Pakistan

Supply Chain Genius At work

The Fauji Fresh n Freeze
Supply Chain is an
amalgamation of multiple
departments, striving to deliver
its core objective: 
delivery of the desired finished product to the customer at the right price.

Quality Control

At Fresh n Freeze Quality Assurance in all aspects, from food safety to up-to-date quality systems to each step in the entire value chain is guided, monitored and moderated by Quality Assurance policies, procedures and relevant standards.


Agri-Development and Procurement Function

In order to fulfill the raw material requirement, an extensive network of progressive farmers has been engaged who are extensively guided on modern pre and post-harvest practices with aview to procure produce having better quality and qualifying yield.


Manufacturing / Processing

Our factory is the first and only IQF processing plant in Pakistan. The facility is capable of processing frozen cut fruits such as Mango, Strawberry, and a host of frozen vegetables such asPeas, Sweet Corn, Broccoli, Okra etc, under individual quick frozen (IQF) technology.


Customer Service

Frozen goods storage and transport is a growing domain on the global logistics’ canvas. Customer Service is equipped with state of the art facilities and latest techniques to ensure Cold Chain sustenance at all stages of product flow from storage to transportation to distribution network