Building relationships through produce

At Fresh n Freeze, we strive to support the local farming community in establishing a year-round supply infrastructure.

We are passionate to bring to our team, people who share our enthusiasm for fresh and frozen produce and are driven with a service mindset to work with a team of the most highly skilled and dynamic individuals in the industry.

Pakistan has one of the most diverse portfolios of fruits and vegetables in the world, yet most of these fruits are only available seasonally. Through its state of art facility, Fresh n Freeze is changing the way fruits and vegetables are perceived in Pakistan, fresh tasting produce is now available throughout the year which enhances both, the customer experience and logistical landscape.

Full-Time Positions


One Team

Willingness to work together to achieve one common goal putting aside personal conflict. It focusses on the collaborative effort of all work field members so that synergy effect can be obtained and maximum favorable results can be achieved for the company

to Win

Unyielding drive to win by never giving up. Passion to win possess a vital significance as we believe that determination matters the most because in order to achieve a desirable goal, passion has great proportionality with efforts and combined together they can get us to a percieved destination


Ensuring honesty and fairness in all actions, always doing it the right way. Integrity emphasises in honesty in individuals regarding their input in work and fair code of conduct among all the employees of the company so that there should be no subject of differentiation to their entitled position

Our Functions

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Equipped with State of the Art technology and modern up to date concepts

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Our dynamic and creative management team

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Quality Assurance

Fruits and vegetables are an extremely difficult product when it comes to meeting safety standards.

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Fresh n Freeze boasts a modern and Hi-tech plant facility which is the first of its kind in Pakistan

Explore Roles

Marketing Manager

Education: MBA

Gender: Male / Female

Experience: 7-10 years relevant experience

Human Resources

Education: MBA

Experience: 7-10 years relevant experience

Assistant Manager IR

Education: MBA-HR (LLB preferred)

Experience: 5-7 years relevant experience

Area Sales Manager -
Food Service

Education: Master’s Degree from a reputable institute

Gender: Male / Female

Experience: 5-7 Years in the sale of FMCG products. Experience in sale of frozen food would be a plus.

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Management Trainee Program - Fauji Fresh n freeze Limited