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About Fauji Fresh n Freeze

Fauji Fresh n Freeze is proud to bring to you premium quality Fruit and Vegetable products from Pakistan.

Cultivated in prime agricultural lands spread over 200,000 sq. km and fed year round by pure glacial waters of neighboring Kashmir through the world's largest man made irrigation network, this region offers some of the most palatable and delicious natural horticultural products in the world.

Blessed with a full range of seasons and fertile soil, the region permits many types of products to be cultivated with optimum results. Now for the first time these products will be made available in the global market following an unprecedented investment in infrastructure and state-of-the-art plant and processes.

Capacities & Timelines

> IQF/ Frozen Fruits and Vegetables: 20,400 MT per year, commercial production in March, 2015
> Par Fried French Fries: 6,000 MT per year, commercial production in March, 2015
> Fresh Produce: VHT processed Mango 1,000 MT per year, commercial production in June, 2015
> Finished Products Storage at -18C: 5,000 MT